Trees and shrubs provide a beautiful frame for your home or business. As they mature however, they will eventually need to be trimmed or removed due to overgrowth, disease or storm damage.  Overgrowth becomes a potential hazard when close to a power line or roof line.  To avoid any potentially hazardous eventualities, it is best to contact a professional tree trimming company who's insured and experienced in the removal of limbs that can pose an issue of liability.  Pruning your trees not only make the property safer and more appealing, but also prolongs the life of the trees.  Ornamentals require yearly maintenance and we can assist you with a reminder notice of needed pruning.

As a professional tree service company, with 15 years of experience in the local area, we will help identify any potential hazards or needed maintenance to help make the best of your tree investment.  Mercer Tree Service is fully insured and can provide local recommendations.